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Vehicles Cloud

Certified Maintenance

Increase the value of your vehicles. Now.

Add your vehicles in the Garage. Each vehicle is identified by the date of registration, the identification number and the model.

Add photos and access the calendar to register and schedule events and technical interventions.

Attach lists, notes and images to each event.

The lists are useful for spare parts and tasks. Add your favourites lists to reuse them when you want.

Notes are just text to add any information.

Within images you can attach photographs, copies of invoices or other documents.

If you wish to add more than one vehicle to your Garage, you can do it by purchasing Garage Unlock.

Share the information as you like. Easy.

The functionality that makes this app unique is the ability to share your vehicles with others.

Invite friends, family members or mechanics to collaborate with you - they can access vehicle information and create events on your behalf in their name.

Each event can be visible or hidden to the people with you have shared your vehicle. You can share what you want with who you want. You can add or remove users from sharing at any time and you can choose how they access your data (View only, Can edit).

Give availability to your customers. Always.

You can search for mechanics by location and distance: you can send an email, make a phone call, visit the website and open the Maps app to get direction to the workshop.

If you are a mechanic, create a profile with your address and name, then add your email address, your phone number and your website or social link.

You can do that by purchasing Service Point.

Ask to your customers to share their vehicles with you. Once you have accepted the invite received by email from a user, you just tap the link to join the shared vehicle. This action will launch Vehicles Cloud app and you will see the owner in the Garage. Tap the name and you will see the shared vehicle. Now you will have the power to schedule and certify the events for the owner.

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